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Established in 1996, Joie D'offrir is a Lebanese based luxury chocolaterie and gift shop. The boutique has been renowned for its unique made-to-measure creations and its complex handmade designs. A single piece of decorated chocolate can take up to forty minutes to produce and is delicately created with the highest standards of luxury craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our chocolate factory is currently pursuing its ISO22000 and HACCP certifications and produces a considerable amount of chocolate flavours and fillings. All of our products originate from Europe in general and in Italy in particular. Our relationship with our suppliers dates back to more than 15 years and has ensured us the exclusivity of our products. Joie D'offrir thrives to project an image of class and refinement with every product and service it offers. Its elegant packages, its signature creations and its premium products have enabled us to acquire an ever so growing customer following and a distinguished reputation.

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Homeware & Gift Items

From Limoges and crystals all the way to silverware and Murano, Joie D’offrir offers a variety of high-end gift items. Our tailored selection of decorative homeware and gift items are handpicked to reflect the Joie D’offrir essence and uniqueness. Our exclusivities with our European suppliers ensure that every item is solely retailed through Joie D’offrir in Lebanon and abroad. A vast selection of souvenirs is available at Joie D’offrir. From newborns and baby showers to weddings and engagements, every occasion has a yield in our boutiques. Our massive selection of exclusive Europenean souvenirs are placed in a handmade box thoroughly designed, lined and decorated according to every occasion.

Decorated Chocolate

Our couture hand-made chocolates are masterpieces all on their own. This is the heart and soul of Joie D’offrir where sophistication and class are fused together with the complexity and the delicacy of every design. Every piece, every flower and every curve are hand crafted and sown by our couture team making the outcome dazzling masterpieces. Our team periodically creates chocolate design for every occasion.


Joie D’offrir offers its clients a wide range of chocolates and delicacies in its Chocolaterie. With nothing but premium coco beans and ingredients, our complex and mouthwatering tastes are elegantly enveloped and presented in the most refined way possible, all while keeping the Joie D’offrir essence alive. Our policy dictates that every piece of chocolate, whether retailed by the kilogram or sold in our signature boxes, should be lightly decorated and therefore emphasizing the uniqueness and the complexity of both our creations and our designs.

Custom Designs

Here is where our essence thrives! This department of Joie D’offrir is responsible for creating unique haute couture table and kocha designs. Every creation is uniquely created using nothing but the finest materials and adorned with couture chocolate creations and dazzling centerpieces all hand-made to perfection.

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